passion. experience. craftsmanship.

why us

we’ve honed our skills for decades, working on some of the most advanced, most complex systems around. it’s what we do — and no one does it as well as us

why we're right for you

we go farther, dig deeper, and push harder to get to the heart of the real pains, problems and challenges at play, allowing us to design real solutions that work

our 'why' is
not what you might think

Solving problems is exciting, and deeply fulfilling to us. We chase the balance that benefits your customers as much as your business. To us, this IS what design is. This is why we do it.

When we dig in, we go all the way in. We go wide. We push ourselves and our clients to learn absolutely everything we can about your business, your customers, your markets, and your wildest dreams of success. We do this upfront so that we can be better, smarter, and faster every step of the way. From problem identification, to solution ideation, to strategy, to design and experience. This insatiable desire to become one with you and your customers is what differentiates us — it’s what makes our work strong, allows us to get the smallest of details right, and create products and services that hit the mark for your business, and your customers. 

And, fortunately — it’s what makes us happy.


if you don't learn so much about your clients and their customers, to
the point your brain starts to hurt ––
you haven't tried hard enough

if it were easy and painless, everyone would create successful products & services

everything we do starts and ends with meaning, value & purpose

an image depicting concentric circles representing the foundational building blocks of customer needs, objectives and experiencesan image depicting concentric circles representing the foundational building blocks of business values, objectives, brand and mannerisms
it's about
knowing your customer
Designing with and for customers is the only way to get it right. From interviews and insights, to prototyping and testing, we take every measure possible to get into the shoes of those you are creating the future for.

Our goal is to not just understand your target market’s lives, their hopes and dreams, their wants and needs, their challenges and pains, but to feel them as if they were our own. Then, and only then, can we truly design for them.
...and reconnecting
with your company's raison d'etre
Customers are drawn to you because your business inspires them, fills their minds with possibilities, and aligns with who and what they want to become as individuals.

We translate and embody the passion, unwavering belief and determination that helped you build your business into every strategy, interaction, experience and message we craft so prospects become customers, and customers become fans.

not gonna lie, working with us
can be a bit tense.
it's right there in
our name ––

Anything worth doing is hard, otherwise everyone would do it. To differentiate from the competition, you have to be willing to put in the work. You have to take risks, step outside of your safe space, and rail against convention. The process will be uncomfortable, and at times painful. You’ll need a thick skin, and an unwavering belief in your mission.

At tension, we don’t choose the easy way, we choose the right way. For our clients, and their customers.

by design

We approach design through a business strategy-first lens, and how we ourselves operate is no different. We’ve crafted, tweaked and optimised our own processes and methodologies, objectives and goals to centre around better serving our clients’ objectives.

We’re hyper focussed on improving our customers’ acquisition, loyalty, revenue, engagement and growth metrics through design.

driven by
deep expertise

Tension is lead by industry veterans with deep, extensive and broad experience across industries, verticals, sectors. From startups to enterprise, from banking to marijuana — you name it, we’ve been hands-on and knee deep in it.

Our team of experts brings our vast knowledge and exposure to every client, and every project we work on. Every time.

see why we're better

why we're better

broad industry exposure

Our experts have done it all, from telcos to banking, to consumer goods, to government to startups.

deep vertical immersion

Our vast experince has allowed us to play at many diverse and unique levels across each industry we’ve worked with.

founded with 30 years experience

Our founder has been designing and building digital solutions since the mid-nineties, and never looked back.

craftsmanship, care & creativity

Our commitment and passion for our work is unmatched, which shines through in everything we do.

next-gen thinking concepts & ideas

Want to redefine your market, and get the jump on your competition? That’s our sweet spot.

tech, platform &
medium agnostic

We’ve seen it all, and know how to work within, and make the most of any technology stack, platform, or product.

from ideation through delivery

Tension doesn’t deliver and walk away, we’re by your side all the way to launch to advise, advocate and solve problems.

rigour + creativity, flexibility + grit

Balancing the freedom to generate big ideas, the dilligence to stay on time and budget and the staying power to deliver.

battle-tested methodologies

Tension has optimized and refined our ways of working to allow us to be better, smarter, and faster.

your success is our success

When you’re our client, we care about your success first and foremost. We win only when you win.

focusses on quality & roi

Results are the everything, and we’re obsessed with our work having a direct positive impact on your bottom line.

what we quote
is what you pay

It’s our promise to you. When we say a number, it will be that number. Guaranteed.

what our clients are saying:

I've worked with the top design agencies in the world, and tension is a breed above everyone else. From the thinking, the design, the user experience –– and they do it all in 1/10th the time.

Usman Sheikh
Founder / CEO of xiQ

It was almost too good to be true. It felt like there needed to be a catch, but the catch never came...

Shelby Yee
Co-founder / CEO of Rockmass

Just. Wow. The work is amazing, fast and always well thought through. It’s clear tension are real pros and are at the top of their game. Each time they deliver, it never ceases to amaze.

Arie Perchack
Product at ICARO

what makes us who we are...

what we believe
in, makes us
who we are

problem over platforms

tension will never  crowbar your problems into a pre-determined platform or off-the-shelf product. We let your unique situation, needs, and problems define
the best solution for you, whether it’s build or buy

no lift-and-shift solutions

Anyone can take a model or framework that worked well previously, tweak it and use it for another client. Sidenote: it’s also the best way to ignore the subtleties that differentiate your business. We won’t do that to you.

yes, you are a snowflake

You’re unique, and your employees and customers are too. tension understands that you each have distinct challenges, problems and needs that demand solutions that are as unique as you are.

your success, our success

No one will care as much about your success as we do. It’s pretty simple really: when you partner with us and your product or service succeeds, it helps us with new case studies which helps us win new clients. It’s a win-win.

tension is a natural evolution

Our founder and Chief Creative has been in the game for over 25 years, as an independent, business owner, in-house, and as a management consultant. 10,000 hours have been served, and then some.

this is our passion

Creating successful products & services is what makes us get up in the morning. It's why we toil over the small things, and stand up for what's right for our clients, and for their customers