product and experience strategy

Adam R.T. Smith

I’m loving this aspect here. I am not sure what the hell it is, but it looks like a floating brain with eyes and teeth? More of this, please!

Adam R.T. Smith

I’m loving this aspect here. I am not sure what the hell it is, but it looks like a floating brain with eyes and teeth? More of this, please!

what we do

we help clients evolve their product & services into mature growth engines with customer, product and user experiences that turn consumers into raving fans

who we partner with

we work with startups, scale-ups, skunkworks –– and yes, large enterprise ( if they're hungry and scrappy enough to want to change the world that is... )



At tension, we don’t just do design. We’re not pixel monkeys, we don’t lift-and-shift ideas that worked for a previous client, shine it up and hand it over as new. We don’t blindly steal UX patterns, templates or “best practices”. We don’t follow trends, or embrace outside thought leadership, or do what anyone else is doing.
In fact — no one does what we do. Not the way we do it, with the quality, craft, passion and purpose that we do. No one. We live, eat, breathe and sleep design. True design — elegant-solutions-to-complex-problems design. Blow-your-competition-out-of-the-water design. Change-the-damned-world-design. That’s what we do, and we can do it for you.

no matter how you like to work, prefer to collaborate, or your budget, we have a model that fits;

tension was born to help companies innovate, evolve, and win through brilliant design

We get to the heart of your business, become your customers, and build meaningful, effective bridges between the two. We drive growth, profits, customer acquisition and loyalty. Are you ready?

some of the things we can do for you

product strategy

We’ll help you increase customer satisfaction and engagement by creating products your customers can’t live without.

AI-first product strategy

customer archetypes & journey mapping

problems worth solving & solutions worth building

conceptualizing, proof of concepts & validaton

experience design

Creating products that feel familiar and instantly efficient, making the complex simple, usable and accessible.

concept design & testing

user experience design & prototyping

usability testing & research

AI-first & conversational experience design


Your product’s look and feel is what makes or breaks a user's trust, invites them in, and conveys your personality and professionalism.

user interface design & animation

mobile, SaaS & web apps


web & marketing

build & deploy

In-house, or through our trusted partners, we’ll help build applications and solutions, as well built as they are designed.

AI-focussed software solutions

mobile, SaaS & web apps

CRM & Salesforce solutions

EON device software experience redesign

Dark tunnels, 2 story trucks rolling by, the risk of falling rocks — all while geologists and geotechs are trying to take detailed scans and measurements of rockfaces. No pressure to get the experience right at all.

contact us

need to augment your existing
team with brilliant experts?

We get it, sometimes all you need is a few really good extra hands, and at tension, all we have is really good, talented and experienced hands. 

If you’re looking to temporarily grow your team for a specific project or initiative, or simply have more effort hours than bodies, let’s talk about how we can support.