the experience strategy accelerator
helping more startups building better foundations, earlier

our program

our accelerator gives early stage startups access to our product & experience staff through a curated mix of self-directed and guided activities and workshops

start your startup on the right foot

We took our proven and battle-tested 5-week engagement deep dive, designed to help businesses connect with their purpose, their customers, and build better products and extended it to deliver even more tactical, actionable results any startup can leverage right out of the gate.

Right-sized for the startup hustle, priced to not break the bank.

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online & self-directed

workbooks, workshops and guided sessions

Self-directed, self-led and guided workshops and sessions allow you to work at your pace, and accommodate the demands of your startup.

in-person & in-class

collaborative sessions to share & learn from others

Thought-provoking discussion sessions planned throughout allow you to build connections and share ideas with other startups in your cohort.

1:1 advisory

individualised strategy, UX & design advisory

Our experts are here for you 1:1 to guide you through business, technology, experience and design challenges throughout your term.

cohort accelerates your startup

leverage our proven models

We’ve taken our engagement models and approaches that we’ve spent years perfecting and reimagined, reorganized and spaced them out. Same value and output, tweaked to adapt to our multi-startup cohort model.

access to top talent & advisors

You’ll have scheduled and on-demand 1:1 access to our team of pros with diverse knowledge, experience and expertise in product, strategy, UX, design and marketing to guide you and answer your most burning questions.

connect with other founders

You’ll have the opportunity to network and build lasting connections with other founders throughout each cohort term — as well as access to communities built just for tension cohort grads to continue to share, network and grow.

our cohort model allows us to bring our transformative approach to more startups, earlier

Over and over again, we’ve seen our approach help our clients reconnect with their why, and reimagine their business, products and services from a place of value and meaning. What if your startup could start there?

we’re not VC’s, we’re not looking for shares. we simply want
to help more startups, get started better, stronger, faster

( it's also insanely fun and exciting to work with early stage startups )

accelerating what others don't

Most cohort models for startups and founders focus on the strategy, business, marketing, venture and go-to-market aspects of getting your company off the ground.

We focus on product and service innovation, customer and journey modelling and optimization, differentiation, roadmapping and growth through experience.

from idea to concept & plan

Through our cohort, we’ll help you solidify your offering, determine which problems are most worth solving, which solutions are most worth building, and how to get from A to B. 

Not only will you get your product and service strategy and experience defined in detail — you’ll leave our cohort with a solid, actionable strategy and plan to bring to investors and VCs.