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beauty is more than skin deep –– it's functional

All design is art, not all art is design. Design is, and always has been, a business activity. At tension, we approach design from a business and strategy-first perspective. 

If the work does not have a direct impact on the perception, understanding, attribution of value, and financials of a business — it was not design, it was probably art. 

design is where your brand lives and breathes

Your company is unique. Your passion and dedication to what you do is unmatched. Don’t let your visual design look and feel like every other company that thinks they’re your competitor.

We weave your essence into your experiences. We turn your product or service into a digital representative of your business greeting your customers just as you would in person.




design-driven growth

good creative converts

Good design is key to convincing customers to buy. It translates directly to more sales, more subscriptions, more customers. Design, when aligned with your business objectives is not a nice to have, it’s a must.

good design differentiates

Set your product apart from the pack, and establish your position as a market leader through design that raises your product or service above and beyond your competitors. Let them know, without question, you’re here to win.

good treatments build trust

Nothing tells a prospective customer if you’re right for them faster than design. Good design can instantly establish quality, professionalism, and reliability — and bad design can do the exact opposite, in half the time.

represent your personality, visually

immediately set the tone, establish trust, and build anticipation by extending the very essence of your brand into every aspect of your product or service

first impressions, are last chances

If the look and feel of your product doesn’t resonate and align with what your customers expect from you — you can loose their interest, and their business, in a fraction of a second. Make your first impression count. 

let's make something beautiful together

Captivate hearts, evoke dreams, ignite aspirations, while building trust, relationships, loyalty, and of course –– revenue

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succeed and grow faster in competitive markets, by design

Our design process starts well before pencil or pixel. It begins with you, your customers and your market. It starts with your business objects, goals and metrics. It starts with putting ourselves in your shoes, and the shoes of your target segments — and wrapping ourselves in their emotional, behavioural and aspirational contexts so we can design interfaces, brands and experiences that welcome them in like a warm blanket on a cold winters eve.

Our attention to detail, and ability to craft bespoke designs that feel like they were tailor made for your customers, is only possible thanks to the upfront heavy lifting we do in research mode.

Every aspect of our design has meaning and purpose, nothing is unnecessary, nothing is superfluous — every pixel, typeface, colour and shape is designed to move your target customers to exactly where you want them to be — and staying there.

In design we'll deliver:

  • Various creative concepts and directions
  • Detailed design, typography and iconography
  • Accurate, real world data in all concepts
  • Comprehensive, developer-friendly design specs
  • Design system and component library


  • really beautiful, compelling work ;)

This is way beyond what I expected from a design standpoint — not in my wildest dreams did I think it could look this good. This sets a whole new standard for our company, and I for one am excited about our future.

Gary Salman
CEO of Black Talon

design, design, design.

design, design, design.

Design. Visual.
UI. Brand.

Regardless of the project or product, tension delivers premium quality, craftsmanship and care in our design to ensure you are presented to your customers in the best light possible.

Full-solution visual design

We’ll take care of it all, designing everything needed to facilitate smooth and efficient development of your product or service, all the way through development and QA to ensure it sticks.

Design system & specifications

All aspects of the design will be documented from colours, to typography, to iconography, to components and universal elements to simplify development efforts.

what comes after dev-ready design?
is it a mic-drop & walk away?

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We get it, sometimes all you need is a few really good extra hands, and at tension, all we have is really good, talented and experienced hands. 

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