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who we are

we’re a group of insanely passionate, experienced, talented, skilled & motivated thinkers, strategists, doers, designers and makers, hell-bent on changing the world

what gets us up in the morning

doing amazing work that makes good companies great — big or small — delivering products and  experiences that drive growth and loyalty

growth-focussed innovators
Our primary goal for our clients isn’t just a great, beautiful, seamless and streamlined product or service experiences. Of course it’s that too, but our most important objective is our client’s growth.

Attracting, converting and building customer loyalty is job number one. Everything we do, from strategy, to planning, to testing, to UX to design serves this one fundamental purpose. Just like you do.
a passion for
solving big pains
Finding simple, intuitive solutions to the most complex, challenging problems for our clients is what gets us up in the morning — and keeps us fuelled and charging forward right until the end. 

The bigger the challenge, the more impossible it seems, makes it all the more satisfying for us when we can design the complexity out,  and deliver experiences your customers love, or don’t notice.
we're not your regular, average, cookie-cutter, lift-and-shift, boxes & arrows, design or ux agency

we're old school. born and bred, dyed in the wool, battle tested, seasoned, design & strategy veterans

working on tomorrow's design & product challenges, today

we've been at this for a minute.

Adam R.T. Smith

CEO / chief creative

Educated as a graphic designer, I jumped into web design in the early 90’s. I picked up front-end development so I could stop seeing my design butchered, and back-end so I would stop hearing that something was not possible to build. In the early 2000’s, I jumped feet first into UX design as I felt it was the best way to align user needs and business objectives.

I started my first company in ’95, which kept me busy for 18 years, then did stints in-house at a major telco, followed by a big 4 consultancy. I’ve been able to work for (a lot of) telcos, financial, healthcare, education, and government institutions which have been amazing, but by and far, my most enjoyable engagements have almost always been with startups.

Dan Lopes

experience strategy lead

UX strategist with 20 years of vast and diverse experience in online channels, with deep expertise in user research, interaction design, product development, process improvement, business strategy and analysis, and people management.

Jenna Treftlin

experience strategy lead

As a leader in the field of user experience, Jenna’s approach is defined by her commitment to innovation and effective team management. She specializes in guiding teams to create seamless user experiences that resonate deeply.

Eikmanjeet S. Ahluwalia

intermediate UX designer

Educated in Architecture, Eikman made the leap to User Experience where he brings his meticulous attention to detail and systems-based thinking to solving user challenges and designing digital products and services that resonate with the audiences.


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