we're a strategy-to-execution consultancy purpose-built to help businesses and startups drive relentless innovation and excellence in digital products & services.

we're a strategy-to-execution consultancy purpose-built to help businesses and startups drive relentless innovation and excellence in digital products & services.

ready-for-anything packages
fractional plans for startups
Let us arm you with foundational 'what, why and how' research, data and insights to roll-your-own informed strategy
  • Data review & analytics
  • Interviews & field research
  • Personas & journey maps
Have an internal design team? Great! We'll handle the insights and drive strategy definition to get them off on the right foot
everything in small plus:
  • Workshops & design sprints
  • Solutions worth building
  • Business cases & roadmap
Lots of devs? Our researchers, strategists and designers will provide everything they need from insights to design systems
everything in medium, plus:
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Complete UX & UI
  • Build-ready spec & assets
Parachute in a product team to handle everything, start to finish. All you'll need to do is flick the switch and go to market
everything in large, plus:
  • Solid tech solution for today
  • Extensible for tomorrow
  • Go-to-market-ready product
trusted counsel
It's never too early for access to expertise & guidance, especially in a startup where every decision is a brick in your foundation
  • Access to all tension leads
  • On-demand consultation
  • Always-on, dedicated chat
team direction
Hire a junior team, and tap into tension's expertise to guide & mentor your staff, optimize your workflow, and review deliverables
  • Staff 1:1's & mentoring
  • Progress & deliverable reviews
  • On-demand direction & advice
fractional heads
Need internal leaders, but no runway to hire? Get all the value of senior A-team resources, at a fraction of the cost of FT staff
  • Dedicated % of tension leads
  • 1, 2 or 3 days a week
  • FT value at PT cost
swat team
Manage the ebbs and flows with a self-contained product team, for as short as you want or as long as you need
  • Full product team, as needed
  • Strategy to execution
  • 100% dedicated, plug-and-play
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We'll help you realize your potential, even if you're bootstrapping
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we're bringing meaning back to experience consulting

Over the last decade we've seen the commoditization of the digital product & service design and development market. It's more about ticking the boxes, and less about purpose.

It's time for a return to craftsmanship, care, empathy and quality — and a vehement disregard for the status quo — from what's become a monotonous, cookie-cutter process weighed down by “best practices”, templates, frameworks, and platforms.

It's time for real design. It's time for real results.

& service

We focus on what matters: solving the right problems, in the right ways, informed by the right data and insights. No trends, gimmicks, or buzzwords.

Our engagements are not lead by business, design, or development. There's no strategy team, or design or tech streams working in isolation. Our engagements are co-lead by strategy, cx, design, tech and adoption subject matter experts — from beginning to end.

No handoffs, or getting up to speed. No backtracking or program-altering decisions made without the right people in the room. The right people are always in the room, working to build the best products & services possible; for you, and for your customers.

why we're different
are you a new, stealth, change-the-damn-world startup?

We've got something just for you. Well, it's not really for you, it's for us. We love working on next-gen products & services and helping you and your startup change the world.

Bootstrapping is a whole other ballgame though, and our simplified packages might not be a good fit for you at this time. That's why we've created a series of options available only to product or service startups; check them out.

get start-ready
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Starting something? Maybe you're building a new product or service from the ground up, or revamping an existing one? We can help.

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