how do projects work at tension

jump-start your initiative with a dedicated and highly talented team on a fixed fee, fixed time project, scoped to fit your needs, budget and your desired outcome

get it done right, from the start

Our projects are fast-paced, and intensive. We get to know your business and customers as well as you do, and blend that with our unique experience and expertise to determine the Problems most Worth Solving, and the Solutions most Worth Building.

Through our proprietary Experience War Room, we rapidly ideate and iterate, before beginning prototyping, testing and validation.

want your product to be a raving success?

We’ll help you increase customer satisfaction and engagement by creating products your customers can’t.

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projects & engagements as unique as you, and your product

To tension, projects are promises. Time, resources, budgets. Fixed, and guaranteed. We don’t build in contingencies. We don’t have overage rates. If we mis-scoped your project, that’s on us — and we’ll make it right, every time.

This isn’t a gimmick. It’s not a ploy. It’s simply ethical and moral, and it’s just good business.

We’ve built our project engagement model atop decades of best-practices, proprietary insights, speed, efficiency, meaning, value and an insatiable need to deliver tangible outcomes.

Our projects are concentrated, hyper-focussed engagements that build momentum, drive growth and business and financial results.

approaches tailored to your needs

invent or reinvent the future

Tension has perfected our approach to defining company-making and market-defining solutions, from strategy, problem and solution prioritisation, to 3-stage roadmaps, to concept, to experience to design. All in 5 weeks.

know exactly what you need

Already have a roadmap? Know the features and functionality? Great, we’ve distilled our 5 week approach down to 3, focussing on your business, your market, customers and the overall experience you want to deliver.

guaranteed fixed time and budget

Our timelines and budget are set in stone. Projects will never cost more than we quote, there’s no hidden fees or contingencies. What you see is what you pay — this is our promise to you, and you deserve nothing less.

Tension's ability to understand business process and how user experience can best be reflected in that process is powerful, unique and a value added service for Majente's projects. 

Ryan Johnson
CEO of Majente

our pre-built engagement models are battle-tested and proven to get you where you need to go. fast.

the 5-week

product & experience strategy sprint

We’ve perfected our engagement model so it’s replicable and repeatable, allowing us to focus on you and your business to create bespoke tailored solutions to you, your market, and your target customers in record time.

the 3-week

start from
experience sprint

If you have already done your homework, researched your customer segments, documented your features and functionality, and established your rollout roadmap — then our 3 week start from experience engagement is likely right for you. 



prototype, test, learn, validate sprint

We build highly interactive no-code prototypes, testing and validating with users the entire way through, that allows us to learn what really works, and what doesn’t, so you can build your product or service with the confidence that what you’re building will solve the right problems.


dev-ready UI design production

First impressions count, and before engaging with your UX or functionality, the first thing your customers and target market sees is the visual design of your product or service. Our designers imbue your product or service with your company’s DNA, brand and personality into every element.

engagements tailored to your business, with entirely bespoke outcomes

There isn’t much more to it, really. We support our clients through the process of uncovering, identifying and prioritising human-centric ways of winning & holding the hearts and minds of your most desired customers.

EON device software experience redesign

Dark tunnels, 2 story trucks rolling by, the risk of falling rocks — all while geologists and geotechs are trying to take detailed scans and measurements of rockfaces. No pressure to get the experience right at all.

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need to augment your existing
team with brilliant experts?

We get it, sometimes all you need is a few really good extra hands, and at tension, all we have is really good, talented and experienced hands. 

If you’re looking to temporarily grow your team for a specific project or initiative, or simply have more effort hours than bodys, let’s talk about how we can support.