fractional plans for startups

it's never too
early to build a
solid foundation

as a startup, every decision becomes part of your company's DNA. that's why we've made it easy for startups to partner with tension early, with flexible plans that work for you

startups need
to be running in the right direction

or you're already lost.

As you build your startup brick-by-brick, every decision determines the stability and longevity of your foundation -- or its weakness. Each choice could mean the difference between focussing on disrupting an industry, or failure.

That's why it's never too early to get the right advice and expertise for your startup. A pinch of early insight can save a ton of refactoring later. To help you get access to expertise early, we've created plans just for you, regardless of stage, funding or runway.

bootstrapping plans, fit to scale

trusted counsel
It's never too early for access to expertise & guidance, especially in a startup where every decision is a brick in your foundation
  • Access to all tension leads
  • On-demand consultation
  • Always-on, dedicated chat
team direction
Hire a junior team, and tap into tension's expertise to guide & mentor your staff, optimize your workflow, and review deliverables
  • Staff 1:1's & mentoring
  • Progress & deliverable reviews
  • On-demand direction & advice
fractional team
Subscribe to tensions team of ux and product designers as your internal design department, always there when you need us
  • Dedicated % of tension leads
  • 10, 20 or 40 hrs a week
  • FT value at PT cost
swat team
Manage the ebbs and flows with a self-contained product team, for as short as you want or as long as you need
  • Full product team, as needed
  • Strategy to execution
  • 100% dedicated, plug-and-play
everything you need. one partner

We're a full stack product & service strategy+design+build partner. We've collected the smartest minds in strategy, cx, ux, creative, tech, and adoption to help our clients bring the best, most innovative products and services to market successfully.

With our startup plans, you can take one role, or take them all, it's up to you. You know what you have, and what you need. We're here to help you get what you want.

I'm not looking for plans. all I really need are outcomes

We've got you covered there too. Check out our outcome-based packages that give you exactly what you need: tangible deliverables and measurable results.

We've built simple packages that focus on delivering on what you need, and only what you need. Have a look at our packaged services

get ready for anything
let's talk about what you can do with a little

Starting something? Maybe you're building a new product or service from the ground up, or revamping an existing one? We can help.

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